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cold case - noun: an unsolved criminal investigation (as of a homicide or abduction) that has stopped being actively pursued because of a lack of evidence.

The case is pursued diligently by various detectives, but eventually abandoned and filed away among other cold cases.— Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post, 9 Feb. 2014

What exactly is 'Crack A Cold Case'?

A Campaign run by the citizens who volunteer -- keeping cold cases in the faces of those who know something,  because SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING. 

 New information=new evidence= cold case becomes active again = Our mission.

Recruiting Anyone with  interest in True Crime to Assist CCC:

-research submitted cases

-manage campaigns

-distribute case information via all social media platforms using CCC predesigned templates.

-distribute case information to local televeision and news print media.

-organize local rallies to bring attention to open cases.

-educate and promote awareness locally, nationally and internationaly in person and/or virtually.

-guide/support families with their CCC campaigns.

EVERY task  is equally important with efforts resulting IN TIPS.

 AND how?

Keeping The Heat On

-Every case is researched carefully to ensure targeting and reaching the best audience for social media campaings.

-We work with local, national and international news and print media to keep the stories active with updates.

CCC holds events like public rallies,  sponsered by local businesses and citizens planned around dates pertinent to the cold case.

Supporting Familes/Friends affected By A Cold Case

-Support for set up and continueing guidance during thier campaign(s).

-We provide private space to discuss, organize, and track their campaign.

Advocating For Those Who Remain Unidentified

-At any given time there are 40,000 + unidentified decendents in the USA.

-Our volunteers speak for those who have been silenced.

The Forum : Get Cracking

-In our forum (Virtual Office Building), named 'Get Cracking', you can find tips and tutorials, ideas, instructions, templates, guidance, resources and friends (volunteers) willing to assist in all areas relating to how to keep a cold case active in social and news media.

There are also a few other interesting things that will be going down over there ...GET CRACKING

Many MORE Missions